Absolutely beautiful quilt!


Absolutely beautiful quilt!

I first spoke to Gen before Christmas as I came across her page on Facebook. After researching over 10 different people who do quilts I decided Quiltology was the one I wanted to use.

In the New Year, I messaged again and Gen has been nothing but amazing. She messaged me pretty much every other day in regards to what she is doing and asked my opinions on colours fabrics etc.

There were a few times where I wanted something different to what she originally picked out, which I felt bad for being picky however she did everything I wanted.

Before Gen sent the quilt in the post she asked me if I wanted to see it, I choose no as I didn’t want to wreck the surprise.
My little girl’s quilt came today (Saturday 29th Feb 2020)

I am literally lost for words. It’s absolutely beautiful, stunning and by far the best £70 I have ever spent.

I will be ordering another in a few months with all my little girl’s (1st) events like Xmas, Easter, Halloween birthday etc.

Thank you so much, Gen and you should be very proud of the work you do.