We Care About Your Safety


We Care About Your Safety

I want to let you know about our studio process for your peace of mind.

Your parcels are opened in the studio which is cleaned with antibacterial products when I start and when I finish work. Your items and quilt remain in there until I photograph them on whichever bed has freshly laundered bedding on it in the house.

After that, I take them back into my studio and wrap them ready to send to you. At no point does anybody except myself come into contact with your items, particularly now when it’s so important.

With a child in the house and my own obsessive cleaning tendencies, I want to assure you all that your items will reach you in a near sterile condition.

In the event that I or any member of my family need to self isolate then the studio will be closed for that time.

So let’s all be sensible and maintain our social distance, wash our hands, isolate when needed and not let small businesses suffer unnecessarily.


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